Apple has posted their WWDC Keynote

Apple has their WWDC keynote live now on their site.

Go and check it out for all Apple’s latest goodies.

Here are the big announcements from this year’s WWDC:

  • Retina Mac Book Pros – Beautiful, with no optical or hard drives, 2 Thunderbolt ports and USB 3
  • iOS6 – New maps with turn by turn navigation, Facebook integration, Siri on your iPad and she now opens Apps! Shared photo streams, Passbook for all your boarding passes, movie or concert tickets, FaceTime finally over 3G.
  • Mountain Lion – Facebook integration, share sheets, notification centre, reminders and proper iCloud integration

They have also updated the Mail App for better handling of important emails and the phone app, so when you reject a call you can now send a text message to the caller or set a reminder for yourself to call the person back.

Safari has also been updated across the board to share tabs amongst your devices and Siri search functionality is finally coming to Australia and the rest of the world!


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