Kim Kardashian pic turns out not to be Kim Kardashian after all

Could Kanye West really have been silly enough to have posted a naked picture of girlfriend Kim Kardashian online?

The racy photo, which sees the woman showing off her ample derriere and a slice of side boob, was allegedly uploaded by Kanye to Twitter and then immediately removed, sparking rumours he may have done it accidentally.

However, elsewhere online there has been speculation that it is actually of porn star Amia Miley, but she has refused to confirm whether it is her or not.


Looks like someone has been having a laugh at Kim Kardashian’s expense as TMZ have revealed that the Twitter picture claiming to be a naked snap of the star is not her and wasn’t even posted by her boyfriend Kanye West.

The person in the image has been named as pornstar Amia Miley, who’s ‘fessed up to it and everything. She says she posted this snap of herself on Twitter back in 2011..


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