Watch Microsoft Surface’s First Public Fail

Poor Steven Sinofsky. The president of Microsoft’s Windows division was one of the main presenters at the unveiling of the Microsoft Surface tablet in Los Angeles, and every tech presenter’s nightmare had to happen to him live on stage.

The demonstration was going well enough until Sinofsky wanted to demonstrate Internet Explorer, and the Surface he was using froze up. Not even repeatedly jabbing the device’s home button — the touch-sensitive area with the Windows logo on the long side of the tablet — would wake it.

Ironically, the line Sinofsky had to deliver was “I can browse smoothly.”

As you can see, the Microsoft executive does his best to hide the crash from the audience, and carries on with the script. And of course, there’s a backup Surface waiting in the wings.

As one of those audience members in the front row, I can attest that we noticed — but since Sinofsky carried right on, it barely registered. (There’s a presentation pro tip for you: sail on with the script, though your voice and hands may shake.)


One thought on “Watch Microsoft Surface’s First Public Fail

  1. sir, this can happen to anybody… its not a big deal… i am focused at surface from the beginning, and its gonna be a big hit… i can understand that iOS is a way ahead but windows is also working hard to compete with them… and its not, that far…

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