Olympic Swimmer Stephanie Rice Posts Bikini Photo on Instagram

Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice can’t seem to resist the lure of social media, celebrating her 24th birthday by posting a photo of herself in a bikini on Instagram.

Rice was wearing a tiny bikini by her friend and swimwear designer Ellie Gonsalves, who gave her the costume as a belated present for her June 17 birthday. The media seem to think this photo is a bit racy and way too sexy which is ironic seeming she is in swimwear most of her public life. It looks like it is fine for other people to picture you in your swimwear just don’t take a picture yourself.

Stephanie we think you look great and a little bit like Ursula Andress from Bond ‘Dr No’ and that was in 1962.

via: Instagram

One thought on “Olympic Swimmer Stephanie Rice Posts Bikini Photo on Instagram

  1. Agreed she looks great and is wearing a bikini not lingerie (granted not a great difference). How would this be any different than celebrities going to the beach in swim wear?

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