Top 10 Apple iPhone 5 Special Event Rumours

Apple’s special media event that will announce the iPhone 5 is less than 24 hours away, so what can you expect?

Here’s our top 10 predictions of what will be announced:

1. Taller 4 inch screen

2. Mini 9 pin dock connector

3. Slimmer, thinner profile

4. Headphone jack moved to the bottom of the iPhone

5. Support for 4G networks (including Australia’s Telstra Network)

6. Near Field Communication, enabling you to use your iPhone for payments

7. Better Camera, upgraded to 12 Megapixels with a panorama feature

8. Faster A5 processor

9. New smaller nano sim card

10. New iPods, including a push to leverage the nano’s use as a watch

There you have it, we’ll know for sure in a few hours. In the meantime Aatma Studio has been at it again mocking up what they would like to see:


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