The iPhone 5 is here!

Apple has unveiled the slimmer, taller, sexier iPhone 5 overnight and it looks like our predictions were just about spot on!

The iPhone 5 features:

  • A taller 4 inch display
  • Slimmer, aluminium body
  • Faster wireless and 4G that will be compatible with Telstra, Optus and VIrgin here in Australia
  • New camera lens with panoramic mode
  • Faster A6 processor
  • New smaller “Lighting” dock connector (Apple is also releasing adaptors)

The phone looks stunning and it will be a relief to many that it will work on Australia’s Telstra’s 4G network that is up to 5 times faster than 3G.

Apple has also redesigned the headphones and their new “Earpods” will also be included with each iPhone.

Apple will be taking Pre-rders from Friday or you can head to your nearest Apple store from 8am Sept 21.


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