Prometheus could have been something special [movies]

Well, we all know that Prometheus was one of the most utterly disappointing films of 2012 but did you know that it didn’t have to be?

Badass Digest has reported that Prometheus didn’t have to be the steaming pile of shit that it turned out to be.

As anyone who has seen the film will attest, Prometheus lacked depth, strong characters, compelling dialogue and exciting action. What it didn’t lack were gaps in the plot so large, that not even a shitload of strange ‘black goo’ could hold the ignominious story together!

Anyhow, apparently things could have been oh so different if the screen writing was left to Jon Spaihts. Unfortunately, some monkey got his hands on Spaihts’ script and proceed to defecate all over it, leaving it torn, broken and absolutely stinking to high heaven.

The monkey in question is a bloke called Damon Lindelof and while it seems we can’t blame the entire Prometheus train wreck on Lindelof’s poor screen writing, we can at least attribute it to a few derailed carriages.

In Spaihts’ original script titled ‘Alien: Engineers’ you aren’t left with so many questions, like “Why the fuck did I just pay $20 to go see that steaming piece of shit?!?!” Instead, everything is wrapped up in a nice little bow! Like for one, the link between the engineers, aliens and humans is actually explained, properly. And from the looks of things there is far less black goo.

To see how the movie Prometheus could have/should have/would have been without the intervention of Damon Lindelof, CLICK HERE.


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