Instagram Removes Twitter Integration [News/Tech]

Instagram Removes Twitter Integration [News]

For many, Twitter and Instagram go hand-in-hand, like a new southern rapper and a sold-out NYC show. Not anymore. Instagram founder and CEO, Kevin Systrom, confirmed today that the company has disabled its Twitter integration. 

What’s more, Instagram plans to completely remove the ability to embed photos in a tweet via Twitter cards. Due to this change, you will no longer be able to have photos posted to your Instagram feed automatically posted in your Twitter timeline. In order to see a photo someone posted on Instagram, you will need to click a link and go to the Instagram website or be directed to the app.

The move is meant to foster a better connection between the Instagram app and the newly relaunched Instagram website which now lets users browser people’s profiles and photo galleries.

“We wanted to make sure we direct users to where the content lives originally, so they get the full Instagram experience,” Systrom said at the 2012 LeWeb conference, “It’s just about where do you go to interact with that image? We want that to be on because it has a better user experience currently.”

When Facebook bought Instagram, Systrom and Co. swore that the service would remain nuetral and not favor Facebook over any other social platform. That’s done.

Wanting its users to experience Instagram images within an Instagram space makes sense for the company’s bottom line. Which, in turn, makes sense for Facebook‘s bottom line. And that’s what really matters. Not you, the people who made Instagram and Twitter what they are today. Sorry.

via USA Today

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