Tornado Aftermath, Photos of the Devastation in Oklahoma City [Photos]

Oklahoma Tornadoes 2013

On May 20th, one of the deadliest twisters in known history touched down in Moore, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City. The Tornado caused catastrophic damage to homes (over 13,000 of them were destroyed), infrastructure, schools and a hospital. Take a look at these powerful images showing the aftermath of the deadly Tornado as found on Flickr. The damage is estimated to cost an excess of $2 billion, but the physical damage is nothing compared to the the human loss: At least 24 fatalities, including 9 children and hundreds of injured people were reported.

Moore, OK

Photo taken during Moore, OK cleanup. Photo credit goes to Heath Dodd from Oklahoma City, OK

Picking Up

Aftermath of Oklahoma Tornado

05.24.11 Oklahoma Tornado Aftermath

Oklahoma Tornadoes 2013

JimLandeliusPhotographyMooreOklahoma_0090 2_Snapseed


05.24.11 Oklahoma Tornado Aftermath

May 21 Tornado flyover 046

KRON 4 Coverage of the Moore, OK Tornadoes

Powerful Weather

Oklahoma National Guard search and rescue


Oklahoma tornado relief

Oklahoma tornado relief

KRON 4 Coverage of the Moore, OK Tornadoes

63rd CST Piedmont Tornado 006

Oklahoma Tornadoes 2013

Oklahoma Tornadoes 2013

Images: Tornado tears apart Oklahoma town, leaves 51 dead @757Live

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