P!nk feat. Lily Allen – True Love [Music]

P!nk feat. Lily Allen - True Love [Music] 1

P!nk‘s “True Love” music video has dropped, featuring her husband, Corey Hart, and adorable two-year-old tot Willow.

Due to P!nk’s hectic touring schedule at the moment, the clip isn’t as dramatic as her previous ones for “Try” and “Just Give Me A Reason”, but there’s a lot to love here.

The song, which P!nk says is about Hart, is accompanied by eye-popping footage of the huge Truth About Love world tour, as well as cute family shots with her husband, kid and weird giant vegetable toys.

But the strangest part of all comes when collaborator Lily Allen appears on screen, violently cutting up vegetables and throwing them in a blender. We’re not sure what this means either…

“True Love” is the fourth single from P!nk’s massive album, The Truth About Love.


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