This Creepy Spiderbot Is Incredibly Lifelike

This-Creepy-Spiderbot-Is-Incredibly-LifelikeIf you’ve got $1,350 burning a hole in your pocket and an arachnophobic friend you love to terrorize, the folks at Robugtix will happily trade your heard-earned money for this incredibly lifelike robotic spider called the T8.

The robot’s 3D printed outer shell and limbs hide a complex inner network of electronics and a total of 26 individual servo motors that facilitate its realistic motions. Officially available starting in September, were it not for the T8’s giant cyclops eye, the robot would be hard to distinguish from a real spider were it to scamper across your floor. One thing’s for certain, we’re gonna need a bigger shoe.

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[Robugtix via Engadget]