Sexy Michelle Jenneke for Sports Illustrated [Photos]

Sexy Michelle-Jenneke-for-Sports-Illustrated-[Photos]-featMichelle Jenneke danced her way into our hearts with her flirtatious warm up routine, now it seems she’s warming up our regions further south with a rather racy photo shoot.

That’s right! The young Australian track and field star has stripped down for one of the most revered and respected sporting publications, Sports Illustrated.

With her infectious smile and athletic physique on show, the shoot is bound to have men’s hearts racing faster than Jenneke herself can run the 100m hurdles…which is pretty damn quick, we might add!

If you haven’t seen the youtube video that vaulted Michelle to fame mid last year, check it out below. Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the awesome photos of a scantly clad Michelle Jenneke courtesy of Sport Illustrated.