Miley Cyrus goes X-Rated at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards


In case you just missed it, Miley Cyrus just gave one of the all-tme epic VMA performances by exiting a giant cyborg bear, twerking on anything within a 100 metre radius with a million teddy bears, strippng out of a teddy bear leotard into skin-coloured PVC undies, making simulated love to a large foam hand, thrusting her crotch at Robin Thicke, the crowd and a million frightened eyeballs and sticking her tongue out roughly a billion times.

Let us recap the Miley Cyrus Experience for you in full.

When Miley rocked up she looked like the bastard lovechild of Coolio and No Doubt era Gwen Stefani. Did she just leave a 90’s party or was she off to some sort of Yoga Rave?

When she next emerged it was a full frontal Miley assault on the senses. We haven’t had so much crotch thrown in our faces since the heyday of Madonna. Prepare your eyeballs for butt slapping, hip gyrating, Miley gif madness!

Soon after the internet responded with hilarity. Miley’s dad didn’t seem impressed.

Either were the Fresh Prince’s family.

And a lot of people thought Miley looked like Saturday Night Live era Jim Carey and Angelica’s doll Cynthia from Rugrats.

And some people reckoned Robin Thicke was channeling Beetlejuice. All in all LOLZ were had!


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