Apple’s Media Event Oct 2013: The Rundown


Apple has announced a lot of updates including Mac OS, iLife and iWork suite of Apps, some of it’s pricing strategies should have Microsoft very, very worried. Here is the run down of the big ones for you!


Macbook Pro

Apple updated it’s Macbook Pro line with faster Intel chips as well as making them even thinner and lighter while also dropping their price.



Apple gave us a sneak at this beast in July but has now announced that it will ship in Dec. The Mac Pro will be assembled in the USA and has speeds and performance to make you blush!


OS X Mavericks

Apple announced that Mavericks available now, will be free to everybody even if you are still running Snow Leopard. Mavericks includes a huge number of improvements with speed, battery life and memory as well as a bunch of new apps like Maps and iBooks. It also finally offers true support for fullscreen on multiple monitors.


iLife and iWork

Apple has updated both the Mac and iOS versions of their core apps to make them look more modern and work much with better iCloud integration. Unbelievably they are offering all of them for free with new Macs and iOS devices and are also available now. Compare this to $99 a year for Office 365 and you can see that they have Microsoft in the crosshairs.



Apple has relaunched their full size iPad as the iPad Air which has a much thinner bezel is only 7.5mm thick and is a lot lighter. The iPad Mini has been updated finally with a Retina display and will also be available in a 128G model. Although curiously neither have touch ID they do both get Apple’s new A7 64 bit chip.

All in all, the updates are all very welcome, the iPad Air looks gorgeous and finally a Retina iPad Mini but still no Touch ID.

Watch the full Keynote below:

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