Rihanna Covers Vogue Brazil

Rihanna-Covers-artIn celebration of the Vogue magazine’s 39th anniversary, Vogue Brazil teamed up with Barbadian singer-songwriter Rihanna to shoot two covers for its new May issue.

On the newsstand cover Rihanna poses in Brazil’s Ilha Grande, while subscribers will receive a version boasting a closeup beauty shot. Mariano Vivanco captured the singer with styling by Yasmine Strerea. “It was the best shooting I’ve ever done,” Rihanna said.


As she posted the stunning photo on Instagram, the Barbadian beauty wrote ‘We shot this entire shoot in Brazil with my lover boy @teamvivanco,’ tagging the photographer Mariano Vivanco. Rihanna added: ‘Brazil I miss you already#VOGUE #Brazil @voguebrasil.’

Rihanna-Covers-Vogue-Brazil-Cover-01Rihanna-Covers-Vogue-Brazil-Cover-02rihanna tableRihanna Covers Vogue Brazil Cover 01 cold shorts toplessPhotos | Vogue

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