Kendall Jenner strips for a raunchy Christmas countdown

Kendall-Jenner-strips-for-a-raunchy-Christmas-countdown-still-01British mag “Love” has been rolling out daily videos of sexy babes for their “Advent Calendar” this year, now it’s Kendall Jenner’s day.

That apparently means strapping on some stockings, some lingerie and a Santa hat and dancing/jiggling around with a Cool Guy Santa Claus while Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” plays.

Soo… that’s kinda weird.

Kendall-Jenner-strips-for-a-raunchy-Christmas-countdown-still-02 Kendall-Jenner-strips-for-a-raunchy-Christmas-countdown-still-03 Kendall-Jenner-strips-for-a-raunchy-Christmas-countdown-still-04 Kendall-Jenner-strips-for-a-raunchy-Christmas-countdown-still-05

One thought on “Kendall Jenner strips for a raunchy Christmas countdown

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