Apple Music, Beats 1 Global Radio, iOS9, OSX and Apple Watch WWDC Keynote Rundown

Apple held it’s keynote today to kick off WWDC 2015 and showed us a lot of updates headed our way for OSX, iOS 9 and a new version of Apple’s Watch OS. They also announced Apple Music and Beats 1 – the first 24/7 global radio station (which I have to say blew me away!)
Here are the main announcements for you:

OS X El CapitanOS X El Capitan

• New release called OS X El Capitan
• Swipe gestures in Mail to Archive and Delete
• New “Pin Sites” feature in Safari and new find and mute audio feature for tabs
• Enhanced Spotlight features with more natural language
• Finally fixed fullscreen composing in Mail so you can access other messages
• New side by side feature for windows

iOS 9

apple ios 9

• iOS 9 announced
• Siri more intelligent and now pro-active. If you go running every morning and love listening to music, Siri will now offer up “Now Playing”.
• Siri can now check your email to suggest who unknown numbers calling you might be
• Search now supports popular video sites like Youtube and Vimeo and inside Apps
• Apple Pay will now let you add your store cards and loyalty cards
• Passbook being renamed Wallet and will now store all your cards including Credit Cards and Loyalty Cards
• Notes updated with better formatting, checklists, photos and drawing. You can now add links from the share sheet as well
• Maps will now include Transit directions (in a handful of major cities to start)
• New app called “News” that will include news feeds from the worlds leading news sources
• iPad adds format bar to the keyboard – put two fingers on the keyboard and it becomes a trackpad!
• iPad finally adds proper multitasking with “Slide Over” which lets you view 2 apps on screen at once
• Introduces new “Low Power” mode which gives you an extra 3 hours
• The update will only need 1.3 Gig of space

Watch OS 2

apple watch os 2
• Apple already releasing watchOS2 to developers
• Will introduce Native Apps
• New watch faces including a photo album face
• New “Nightstand View” to display the time at night while your watch is charging
• You will be able to reply to emails



• Apple launches it’s music streaming service called Apple Music
• It’s a revolutionary music service with human assisted playlists
• Will include thousands of music videosApple-Music-Global-Radio
• 24/7 Global Radio Station called Beats 1 – Playing great music from New York, L.A. and London

• Connect – a single place to connect with your artists and for new artists to connect with the world
• Will be coming to Windows and Android!
• Arriving end of June

Well that’s it, we can’t wait till the end of June!

(via: applegoss)

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