Amber Heard by Ellen von Unwerth for Vs Magazine

Amber Heard by Ellen von Unwerth for Vs Magazine [Rewind] - 01Photographer/filmmaker Ellen von Unwerth knows what girls like, she knows what girls want. In a short for Vs. magazine, Ellen pitted out actress Amber Heard against herself in a good girl/bad girl scenario that is reminiscent of Pink’s “Sober” music video. Results are incredibly sexy and mildly NSFW.

Full Credits:
Photography: Ellen von Unweth
Styling: Vibe Dabelsteen
Stand-In Model: Samantha York
Hair: David von Cannon
Makeup: Francelle (Art+Commerce)
Set Design: Reynaldo Davis Carter
Photo Assistant: Christoph Lange
Fashion Assistants: Caroline Fergusson, J. Ryan Ulsh, Su Mustecaplioglu and Lianca Arnold
Prop Assistants: Dana Delara and Marcuslikesit (Studio 1986)
Production: Dana Brockman (Viewfinders)

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